What to Expect

What style of worship can I expect?

Our worship style is blended, both as to musical style and worship elements. Traditional hymns are often sung, using either the traditional musical accompaniment or a more contemporary arrangement. The worship service includes traditional elements such as responsive readings, recitation of creeds (ancient statements of belief) and praying the Lord’s Prayer. But it also includes informal elements like a testimony time and spontaneous prayer by the congregation. 

What is the focus of AVPC’s worship?

Worship is all about God, and not about us. People are helped most when they remember that God is at the center of life and when they give him the honor that is due him. So our worship is Christ-centered and grace-oriented.

What do people wear?

Most wear business casual dress. However, some men wear coats and ties and some wear blue jeans or shorts. Women are about equally split between pants and dresses or skirts.

How long do the services last?

The early service lasts one hour and the late service one hour and fifteen minutes.

What kind of sermon can I expect?

The majority of sermons are expositional rather than topical. An expositional sermon explains and applies a particular part of the Bible rather than focusing on a topic addressed in the Bible. Topical sermons are helpful, but we believe people are helped more by learning the Bible in a systematic and focused way. Sermons generally last 30 minutes.

What do I do with my children?

Children six years of age and older stay in the worship service for the entire service. Children four and five years of age begin the worship service with their families and leave for a worship center program program just before the sermon. Parents are welcome to walk their children to the place where this program takes place, or just let your children follow the crowd. The Worship Center program takes place in Room 2, lower level of the Education Building (see AVPC Campus Map).
For children from newborns to age 3, we provide a nursery during the entire worship service. The infant nursery (newborns/babies not yet walking) is in Room 13, toddlers up to age two in Room 14 and two- and three-year olds in Room 12. 

Do you have Sunday evening services?

Not normally. There are occasional Sunday evening services for various purposes. They will be noted in the church calendar.

What’s the average age in this church?

The median age of all church members, including children, is 29. If children are excluded, the median age of all adults is 45. There are about 150 children and young people from infant through age 18.

What size is this church?

Membership is about 350, and average Sunday attendance in both services is slightly below that.

Have more questions about our corporate worship?

To find out about more about our corporate worship services at AVPC, please view our AVPC Worship Guide.