Women-to-Women (WTW) Ministry

WTW Ministry Goals 

As a women’s ministry, we specifically aim to give opportunities for women to grow in their faith in Christ so that their daily lives are impacted. We also want to equip others to use their gifts to make an impact for the kingdom.

Women’s Bible Studies 

We offer a variety of programs, including several weekly Bible studies. For details on topics, dates, and times, click here. 

Women’s Discipleship 

To have someone in our lives who reminds us of the love of Jesus and the truth of the gospel, when we so often forget it or even don't believe it, is such a blessing. Too often we go through times in our lives without that encouragement. 

The discipleship team provides women with an opportunity to be in just such an encouraging relationship with another woman at Altadena. Our hope is that it would be a friendship where you would find yourselves in prayer together, the study of his Word and reminding each other of his love, his glory, and his truth.

If you would like to be in such a relationship or want more information, contact Amy MacCaughelty (amy@avpc.org).

Women’s Fellowship

Vision: That the women of AVPC will grow in their understanding and application of the gospel as they build deeper Christ-centered relationships with one another and are encouraged to use their gifts to impact others.

Regular Fellowship Activities 
One of our regular fellowship activities is hosting baby showers for expectant mothers. As a covenant body, we want to encourage new mothers with a word of encouragement and time of prayer. In lieu of gifts, we collect a cash gift to be given to each mother. If you would be interested in helping plan or host these baby showers, please contact Ashley Putman (putmama@gmail.com).

Annual Fall Luncheon
Our annual fall luncheon is a wonderful time for new attenders to seasoned members to gather together for a delicious meal, fellowship, and to hear a short testimony from one of our members. Our next Fall Luncheon will be September 23, 2018. 

Women’s Retreat 

Vision: That the study and application of God’s word and the building of Christ-centered relationships will help women understand and apply the gospel in their daily lives

In order to accomplish this, the retreat team plans a retreat each year that provides gospel-centered teaching and an extended time of fellowship in a relaxed environment. 

Our next retreat will be February 22-23. More information will be available in the fall. 

If you would like to be part of planning our women’s fellowship events, or desire more information about women's activities at Altadena, please contact contact Amy MacCaughelty (amy@avpc.org).