Adult Sunday School 
Summer 2018

At AVPC, our Sunday Schools are set up by communities - Acton Hall, Fellowship Hall, Pilgrims Community, Women's Bible Study, and Young Adult Community. Each group is led by one or more teachers (often elders from that community) in a study each quarter. The Session encourages you to settle into a community where you are most comfortable. Once you have made that determination, we urge you to stay in that community to continue to develop relationships. It is our conviction that Christian growth, learning and nurture occur most effectively in the context of on-going relationships. Teachers and topics will rotate between communities, so if you have a favorite teacher or topic, wait a bit. It is likely to come to your community where you can learn in conjunction with your friends. Please see our map for more information on room locations. 

Pastor's Class 

Location: Library
Taught by Brad Allison

This class provides a “next step” for our visitors who might have an interest in learning more about our church, our teachings, our pastor and his wife. Every class begins with an informal question and answer time designed to deal with questions that may arise during a sermon, or just common questions people have about Christianity. The curriculum is flexible so you can join at any time. 

Fellowship Hall Community 

Location: Fellowship Hall
June Topic: TBD
Taught by Chris Knowles 
July and August Topic: “The Psalms of Ascent”
Taught by Steve Whitner

Pilgrims Community 

Location:  Conference Room
Topic: “The Attributes of God”
Taught by Pilgrims Class Elders

Acton Hall Community 

Location: Acton Hall 
Topic: “The Life of Jacob” 
Taught by Acton Hall Elders

Young Adult Community

Location:  Mezzanine
Topic: “Cloud of Witnesses”
They will be studying historic figures outside the Bible, consisting of four men and four women.  
Taught by Blake Harris

Women's Bible Study  (meets in Room E-6)

This community continues to meet for Bible study and prayer. Any woman from any walk of life is welcome. 
Taught by Martha Darden