WACK 2017  

JULY 9-13 | 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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Step One - Parent Registration | Step Two - Child Registration

AVPC Worship Ministries is sponsoring our eighth annual Worship Arts Camp for Kids (WACK) on July 9-13. This camp, which will once again be directed by James Tate, is available for both AVPC and non-AVPC students who will be entering grades 2-8 in the fall of 2018.

There’s a title up for grabs at this summer’s WACK—KING OF THE BEACH!! A title only granted to the greatest, the most spectacular, the ultimate beach band!! Will it be the fresh, cool, up-and-coming band, JACOB’s NATION, who wins the Battle of the Bands and the right to rule the surf? Or last year’s winner and critically acclaimed powerhouse band, GOLIATH? Join in the fun with singing sensation, Davey and all the other crazy characters, as Davey seeks to find his place in the sun on PSALM BEACH!

Each day WACK students will participate in worship celebrations, large group singing, and creative activities (or CreActivities). Students will participate in 2 Core CreActivities and 1 Bonus CreActivity. 

The CreActivity choices are art, dance drama, The Keva Zone, bells and boomwhackers, fabric and crafts, puppets, sign language, beginner guitar, hand chimes, woodworking, and photography. (*There are certain grade restrictions on some classes, which are noted on the registration form). Descriptions of class options are available in the WACK Brochure

Registration Information

  • Cost is $80 per child for the entire week; $90 for registrations received after the EARLYBIRD deadline, June  4. 
  • This year you can register your child by completing this easy to use online form
  • Instructions for completing the form are included in the brochure, but can also be found at the bottom of this page. 
  • Payment must be submitted to the AVPC Office prior to registration being processed.
  • If you have any questions or issues while submitting your form, please call the church office. 

Guide to complete Online Registration:

Step One: Parent/Guardian Registration — 

  1. Visit www.avpc.org/WACK and click on the link for Parent/Guardian Registration. Each child must be registered individually.
  2. Complete form with basic contact information, emergency contacts, and select how many children you will like to register. 
  3. Click “checkout” at the bottom of your screen. A new page will appear where you can complete your registration. 
  4. If you are registering prior to June 4, enter the discount code “EARLYBIRD” to receive a $10 discount on your child’s tuition. Please note: if you are applying discounts, write checks rounded to the nearest dollar. 
  5. Select “pay later” option on the checkout page.
  6. Click “checkout” again at the bottom of this window to complete your registration.
  7. When this form is completed, you will then be able to click on the link in the confirmation page or confirmation email to register each child individually. 
  8. Next, submit your payment. At this time, we are unable to accept payment online. 
  9. You may mail a check to 4660 Caldwell Mill Road or bring it to the church office. Make checks payable to Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church and include WACK and your child’s name in the memo line.

Step Two: Child Registration — 

  1. Once you have completed the parent/guardian form, click on the link in the confirmation page to register your child. 
  2. Each child must be registered individually.
  3. At the top of the form, if your name automatically populates, click your name and select “someone else” from the drop down menu.
  4. In this form, you will submit each child’s information, allergies, and pediatrician information.
  5. Next, if your child would like to be paired with a specific friend, you may indicate that request on this form. Please consult with the friends parent or guardian regarding class selections prior to completing the form.
  6. Rank class preferences: All children will participate in Core CreActivities. Additionally, different courses are available depending on your child’s grade. Please remember that these are class requests and schedules cannot be guaranteed due to space restrictions.
  7. Please note that Beginning Guitar is only available for grades 6-8. If you are requesting beginning guitar, please indicate if your child will supply their own guitar or if they need one provided for them.
  8. At the bottom of this form, please carefully read the paragraph describing AVPC’s procedures for illness or accident. You are required to agree to this statement as well as submit your full name, which will serve as your electronic signature. 
  9. When this form is completed, you will be able to click the link in the confirmation page to register any additional children. You will be redirected to this exact same form and will complete this second step for each child that needs to be registered.